Permanent Service is like a legal outsourcing – we sign an agreement and then you use the services of our lawyers as needed. In such a way you hire a team of professional attorneys just for a salary of one employee.

For example, we offer the following legal services:

  • oral and written consultations;
  • analysis and preparation of contracts, legal examination of documents;
  • development of internal documentation of the company, the personnel work;
  • support of transactions, participation in negotiations with partners (contracts, pretrial dispute resolution);
  • Due Diligence;
  • litigation, government relations;
  • legal support for individual projects.

Attorneys Assosiation “Artius” offers a number of standard packages of Permanent Service. Depending on the dynamics of your business you can choose the package that suits your needs:

Package «Standard»:

  • up to 10 working hours per month;
  • usual everyday legal support;
  • includes oral and written consultations, analysis and preparation of business documents (contracts, applications, complaints, letters, etc.), excluding litigation.

Package «Business»:

  • up to 20 working hours per month;
  • package «Standard» plus additional services during dispute resolution;
  • includes preparation of documents at the pre-trial dispute resolution and litigation.

Package «VIP»:

  • up to 40 working hours per month;
  • package «Business» plus additional services, in fact attorneys-at-law support enterprise of your company;
  • includes government relations, complete control during inspections, dispute resolution and litigation.