Experience is the best criterion and guarantee of quality, so we protect interests of our clients for nearly 10 years. Founded in 2008, the law firm “World of legal services” specialized exclusively in public procurement, but we didn`t stop and were actively developing various areas of legal services. As a result, the attorney association “Artius” was created in 2015. On November 11, 2015 is our second birthday.
Виталий Мацелюх адвокат

“This decision was made by our team of lawyers knowingly. Now business, technologies and society are growing at a rapid pace, so companies that want to stay in the market must also evolve. At one point I saw that my team had grown, lawyers had reached a certain level and were ready to develop over LF “World of legal services.” We discussed our plans, successes and opportunities with colleagues, and decided to take a step forward. Thus rebranding began… ” – managing partner of AA “Artius” Vitaliy Matselyukh.

логотип адвокатского объединения АртиусWhat is “Artius” for us? The name, company logo and slogan have been creating for a long time, because they must carry values of the company, be modern and ideological. Translated from Latin, “art” is art, “ius” – right/law. Accordingly, our slogan sounds like «art of protect». As for the logo, everything is also simple. Originally it was a shield, as a symbol of protection, and we just transformed it into a letter “A”, the first letter of our name.

Has anything, except name, changed? Undoubtedly, we have changed. Our experience has increased, team has become stronger, we began to accept protection of your rights more personal and treat to government agencies more critically. We know our and your rights, know what to reply auditors, how to convince a judge and how to win a tender. We do not promise – we just do our best.

The main practices of “Artius” are:

  • business protection;
  • tax;
  • public procurement.

In addition, we can help you open a business, protect your intellectual property, plead a cause, negotiate an agreement, divorce and give you any legal advice.

Why it is profitable to cooperate with us:

  • “Artius” is 10 years in public procurement;
  • “Artius” is about 4500 held and 2000 won biddings;
  • “Artius” is 240 successful litigations;
  • “Artius” is reliability and peace of mind during audits.

Our mission is to transform the process of legal protection in Ukraine from “by hook or by crook” to the “art of protect”.

Our main values are our employees and customers, so principles of Attorney Association “Artius” are:

  • Punctuality – terms that are stipulated with clients followed with perfect accuracy.
  • Responsibility – all customer requirements will be transformed into ready-made solutions.
  • Individuality – experience suggests that, working with clients, template approach is impossible as each problem and its solution are unique.
  • Enthusiasm – we love what we do and the positive result confirms it.